Saturday, December 13, 2008

Moules et Frites

The final score:

Canoelover: 83 Moules: 0

You need to understand this. I love mussels. If I had a choice between chocolate cake and mussels, I'd take the mussels in a heartbeat. If I had a choice between eating mussels and saving a fair-haired orphan from an oncoming train, I'd save the child but I'd have to think about it first. I'm a moulesaholic. I'm cozzetarian.

So imagine my delight when the Monroe Street Bistro opens up down on (!) Monroe Street. Imagine my greater delight when they have moules et frites on their menu. Prince Edward Island's finest gave their all that I might write this. I'm sure a dozen cloves of garlic gave their all too, and while I am grateful, my gratitude for the garlic pales by comparison.

I am not a restaurant reviewer. Caveat eator.

Gastronomically submitted,


P.S. The frites deserve their own write-up. Use your imagination.

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