Thursday, December 11, 2008

Almost finished...

This might be the 20th pair I've built in the past couple decades.  This pair, however, is the most fun because I'm blowing off the pattern rules and just playing with it, experimenting with different crossings.  I hope to finish them tonight and varnish tomorrow and Saturday, then have them ready just in time for Sunday, when it will be 40 degrees and drizzling.

In case you couldn't tell I was being sarcastic.

I took my second set of frames to work today and donated them to the Jason Plesh Sanity Project.  Jason's amazingly sweet wife Anne is amazingly pregnant, and looking to throttle the man that put her in this condition.  She wants the baby out, now.  I suggested to Jason that he show her the Alien series.  He did not dignify that with an answer.  I thought it clever, but then again, my wife hasn't been with child for 16 years.  A man forgets.  A woman...never.

Anyway, Jason is a talented artist and I gave him one complete shoe and an empty frame and a pile of lacing.  He'll figure it out, he's a smart dude, and it will give him something to occupy the hours when he's not rubbing Anne's feet.

The pair shown above took over 75 meters of nylon flat webbing.  It's 3/16 inches wide; I am looking for 1/8"or 3/32" webbing.  That would be Nirvana for me...I can taste the possibilities. If anyone has a line on this stuff (perhaps a shoelace factory) I would be forever in your debt.

Respectfully submitted,



Stackpole said...

How about varying your lacing on a more daily basis? I'll be watching your shoes.

Silbs said...

How elegeant. I envy your skill.

canoelover said...

Jon, I only wear mukluks in the winter, and Dick, if you can sew living tissue together, you can lace snowshoes. :-)