Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I feel better already...

All it takes is a solitary Sharp-Lobed Hepatica blossom. I admit that for me that the bar is set low, but then again, why set the bar high for happiness? Bring it on! Oodles of happiness in the form of flowers, insects, birds, mosses, lichens, and other things that grow.

If the plant thing doesn't work for you, how can you feel bad about the world when a dog is so happy to be alive?

If a Sharp-Lobed Hepatica/Black Lab combination doesn't work for you, there's a significant chance you're beyond all hope. Go do something whimsical right this second or you'll die and be forced to live in the leather-patched tweed jacket section of hell where everything is deconstructed but nothing is enjoyed.


mk said...

I kinda like leather-patched tweed jackets. What's wrong with them? They make me happy. Especially on Irish dudes.

canoelover said...

Okay then. Add a pipe, a short beard with a little gray in it, all on an insufferable academic wearing it.

Irish guys in tweed are great. Americans who use tweed to appear educated...not so much.