Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Guess where I am going today...


Just kidding.

I'm going here. The Sugar River. 42°36'42", 89°23'53". Hey, why not? We're back under flood stage and it's going to be 65 degrees and partly sunny. I'm running a bike shuttle so it's gonna be a double-fun paddle/cycle extravaganza.

I love mid-week days off. It has a slight flavor of getting away with something, like skipping school. Actually, it feels more like being unemployed without the downside.

Try it sometime. You'll notice as you drive to your hooky destination, you'll see grim-faced drivers heading into town for work on the major arteries -- Highways 14, 151, 12-18, etc.

Some of them see the canoe on the car, and I can see their grim faces relax a little; some of them might even smile a little. I guess I represent what could be.

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