Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Remember all those pictures of you naked in the bathtub?

Sure you do. Everyone has them somewhere locked up in their parent's attics.

Of course, now we have blogs. Now you can show your kid's cute widdle bum to the entire cyber-universe.

This is one good reason that some people should not have access to broadband. Kyler, I am so, so sorry. There are good therapists out there who specialize in children of parents who over-disclose on their family blogs. A couple of years (with sessions twice a week or so) should take care of any trauma suffered from the hundreds, perhaps thousands of people seeing you on a potty seat. It's not your fault!

I need to post something positive right now or I will be depressed for a fortnight.


Brad Werntz said...

Oh my.

Oh, oh my.


For once, I'm speechless.

canoelover said...

Worse yet. They're Mormons. My own people.