Saturday, September 29, 2007

8th Annual Order of Wisconsin River Lovers Trip

And what a trip it was. OWL 2007 was awesome, as usual. Jeff's weather karma was perfect, with a gorgeous full moon and a spectacular sunrise. The sandhill cranes were there by the hundreds. and the cacophony of their morning cries was just riotous. Lindsay called it "God's Alarm Clock." I dunno, a full bladder is God's Alarm Clock too. If you want to get up early, stay up late drinking lots of tea and swapping stories around the campfire.

Pictured (L to R): Carolina Carver 60", Turtle Paddle Solo Cherry 60", Sawyer Cedar Egret 52", Turtle Paddle Algonquin Guide 58", Nashwaak Cherry 60", Bending Branches Black Widow Plus 58", Sawyer Zephyr 52", Shaw & Tenney Penobscot Spruce 57", Turtle Paddle Algonquin Guide Flamed Maple 60"


The food was great, the companionship even better. Lindsay's wife Amanda made gourmet foil dinners that were nothing short of miraculous. Brad did the iron chef thing this morning and made a fritatta, which was great as well. Everyone brought too much food. In other words, just like every other year.

Ian paddled solo again...second year for him in a solo. He had a great time as usual, paddling mostly in the front of the pack, sometimes way in front of the pack. The boy likes his solitude.

We missed our friends Chris, Jon, and Brad, and hope they can make it next year.

Respectfully submitted,

Chief OWL, Order of the Wisconsin River Lovers

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