Sunday, October 07, 2007


Friday and Saturday were Quietwater Films days. We filmed at Devil's Lake State Park on Friday and on the Lower WI River Saturday. Conditions were perfect, even a little wind to show the importance of trimming your canoe properly. We ran Gracie into the ground, she's been sleeping nonstop since yesterday afternoon. She's not a puppy anymore, but if you pull out a tennis ball or a Frisbee she goes back to an 18 month-old Lab pup, and pays for it the next day just like the rest of us middle-aged people.

Damon the Cameraman, a freelancer from Chicago, was awesome. He does a lot of corporate work and said this was the most fun he'd had in a long time while getting paid for it. He is a paddler (coincidently, we didn't know it when we hired him) and drives an Element. The chap has excellent taste. Except for the goofy hat.

Anyway, it looks like we'll have Paddling the Tandem Canoe finished by December, just in time for the holiday gift giving season. Everyone needs the trilogy in their stockings...

It was fun to film with Stephanie, my favorite bow paddler. She rocked. She even did a great impromptu performance during the segment on proper splashing technique. Love that woman...she's awesome in a canoe.

One casualty - a new carbon-fiber paddle that snapped off during a particularly hard sweep stroke. To quote Bullwinkle, "Don't know my own strength!" Truthfully, I think it was defective.

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