Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My laptop is dead...long live my laptop.

Sorry, no blogs for a while. Dead laptop. $500 dead. And the injury added to the insult are as follows:

1) My particular laptop has a hard drive that only fits in that kind of laptop, so I can't even take the data off and buy a new laptop.

2) My laptop is 1.3 years old. Which means actuarially I am better off buying a new one rather than hope this one lasts. But I can't (see No. 1). Bugger.

3) I don't think there is a third thing, but I'm annoyed and two things really don't make much of a list.

The good news...when my laptop is no longer dead, I have some glorious pictures. Including some nice Utah odonata. Yes, my love for dragonflies crosses state lines, which makes it a Federal obsession.

Until the day of the resurrection of the Hewlett Packard,



Jesse said...

There's nearly always a way to pull information off of a hard drive, especially a simple laptop hard drive. When I worked at Epic we had a magic adapter cable to connect any bare hard drive to a USB port. I'm practically certain that would work for your hard drive, but post a picture of the drive's ports (or even a link to the laptop's specs that would probably have that information) and I can confirm.

canoelover said...

Nope. Proprietary HD. Won't be buying another one of those.