Saturday, August 01, 2009

A funny thing happened today at the corn stand...

Scene: A corn stand. I am buying Wisconsin's bounty. Corn, tomatos, melon, cukes, etc.

[Car drives up, window down]

Amazingly attractive young man: "Mah-dee-zon!"

Cute farm girl selling corn: "What?"

AAYM: "Mah-dee-zon! We needing to go..."

CFGSC: "You're in Madison."

AAYM: [shows map, points at dot on Google Map] "I"

[Dawns on CFGSC that AAYM doesn't speak very much English]

CFGSC: "Oh...well, you need to turn left at the light and then go..."

[AAYM shakes head confusedly]

[Enter Canoelover]

Canoelover: "Scusa, ragazzo, ma hai bisogno d'aiuto?"

AAYM: "Dio mio...non ci credo..."

CL: "E' semplice...aldila' il semaforo troverai un'autostrada 90-94..."

[CL explains directions to hotel in Italian. AAYM listens, occasionally mumbling "meraviglio"]

CL: "Tutto al posto?"

AAYM: "Si, amico, grazie mille...auguri...non ci credo..."

[AAYM drives off to his hotel destination]

Exeunt, all players except CFGSC who says to CL

CFGSC: "Uh, what just happened?"


This young man was amazingly attractive in a way that could only have happened in Italy. His accent wasn't Spanish so I thought I'd see if I could help. Worst case scenario -- he would be Portuguese.

It's an amazing, random, wonderful world we live in. The odds of a couple of lost Italians driving up to a fruit stand within a fifteen second window as I was about to leave is pretty small, no?

Don't ever let anyone tell you your liberal arts degree is a waste of time and money. I'd like to see an electrical engineer make someone smile like that.

Presentato con rispetto,


P.S. Translation as follows:

"Excuse me, but do you need some help?"
"Oh my God...I don't believe it..."
"It's easy...just past that light you'll turn onto the 90-94 freeway..."

"Everything okay?
"Yes, my friend, a thousand thanks...good luck...I don't believe it..."


Steverino said...


Binner said...

Ha! That's flippin' awesome CL! See, you really are that cool! ;-)

Kristine said...

I love Italian. Tried to learn it once, but never really succeeded. Now I'm thinking I should go back to it, if only on the off chance that some gorgeous, lost Italian guy may wander by.

Boy Crazy said...

what a great story. I love it.