Friday, January 23, 2009

Trade Show -- Day One

Gotta run to appointments.

Here's the executive summary.

The day started with bacon.  Unlimited bacon.  Mind you, gluttony is a sin, one of the seven deadly ones.  But I took my chances, and think I can buy an indulgence by eating tofu at some point in the future.  Like on my deathbed.

Got to hear Ken Burns speak and see a clip from the upcoming National Parks series.  Amazing.

There were bulldogs.  There was a really great lounge for just taking some weight off your feet.  A large bulldog decided he liked me.  It was semi-mutual, as he sounded like he was having a severe asthma attack and was rheumy around the eyeballs.  Still, a nice change of pace from the packs of feral Golden Retrievers wearing bandanas and really expensive dog collars.  They are the Official Dog of the Outdoor Industry.  Australian Shepards and Border Collies are first and second runners up.

There was a lack of representation in the paddlesports industry.  A shame, but I took down the sign at least.

Respectfully submitted on five hours of sleep,



Stackpole said...

You have to view the Bacon in it's original aspect ratio to truly appreciate the pains Darren's arteries are going through.

canoelover said...

You're such a freakin' vegetarian...

Silbs said...

There's enough bacon there to keep a cardiologist in business for decades :)

mk said...

For some reason, I can't read this post because I keep stopping at that beautiful picture of bacon