Monday, January 19, 2009

Sorry...gotta go play in the snow and then write it all off.

I'm packing for the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market show, taking off tomorrow afternoon.  My ticket was accidentally booked a day early, so I guess I gotta go skiing Wednesday.  It will be good, I want to do some research on Nordic equipment.  And alpine equipment.  And snowshoes.  It will not, of course, be any fun, but someone must dive on that particular grenade.

I love this show as the pressure to see everything is diminished significantly, allowing more time for networking and nice dinners with peers and other like-minded retailers.  Plus, I get to see my daughter for a few hours, and that's always good.

Until next time (who knows when that will be),



JohnB said...

I too always enjoyed the Winter Show--the shows are among the many things I miss about not still being in the outdoor retail business! Have fun!

Silbs said...

Nice pic. Enjoy the trip.