Saturday, November 08, 2008

It's cold...but it's not icy

Ian had his Cross Country banquet last night.  Though not the fastest kid on the team, he still had a good season, improving his performance consistently, except for the last race where he forgot to eat.  No, really.  A 15 year-old boy forgot to eat the night before.  Instead of sucking down a pound of pasta, he ate some Wheat Thins and went to bed.  It was bonk city the next morning.  3 minutes off his p.r.

Anyway, it was a nice cool morning, but no snow or ice so I asked Ian if he wanted to go for a run.  He said, "Sure," and headed for the treadmill.  "No, a real run.  Outside."

He gave me the glassy-eyed look that a goldfish saves for special occasions.  Said glassy-eyed look lasted several seconds, his jaw slacking as his brain rushed for ways to back out of the outside run.  Something clicked.  "I don't have the right stuff for the cold."

"I happen to have an extra set of wool tights and a nice winter bike jersey that'll be awesome."

Silence.  Goldfish eyes.  Click.

"I don't think it's warm enough even with that stuff."

"I disagree, and you won't know until you try, dude.  So get dressed and let's go."

Silence.  More goldfish eyes.  No click.  He turned and went upstairs to get on the cold weather running stuff, called his friend Piljah (from CC) and asked if he wanted to go with us.  After some coaxing he said yes too.

We had a nice run, about 35 minutes, 7 km or so, and everyone seemed content.  Ian didn't complain once, and I think he feels sorta like one of the hard core runners on the team, which is cool.  I was silently hoping we're run into some of his team, at which point I'd pretend not to know him so he wouldn't have to be seen running with his geezer old man.

Respectfully submitted,


P.S.  Yes, I do believe the youngest member in the family is now the tallest.


Green Laker said...

Nice jerseys! Glad they're being put to good use. I may have some more gear to send your way.

-Green Laker

BTW, it's 73 here at 4:47 PM...

canoelover said...

Yep, they're wonderful. Thanks!

mk said...

Nice tights.