Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Florida (in theory)

So here I am in Panama Beach, Florida, in the Marriott Bay Point Resort Village.  The picture above is the view from my balcony.  It is lovely.

Strangely, I haven't touched water since I got here, and I've been in hermetically sealed rooms except for a quick walk between buildings.  My experience has been that Florida is all overly-refrigerated.  When I got to my speaking room, the thermostats were set for 66 degrees.  It is, for the record, 68 degrees outside.

To add insult to injury, I saw a great odonate fly by (a Gomphid from the looks of it) and I was in the middle of moderating an outside discussion group (30-35 people).  Could not even stop to wonder.  I just looked up wistfully and continued soldiering on.

The other weird thing is that I am staying, due to a strange set of circumstances, in the Ambassador Suite.  Yes, this is my room.  It is weird.  I was tempted to sleep on the couch cushions on the balcony but it was a bit too chilly for that since the blankets they give you in Florida are not what I would call insulative, really.

Upside:  Really, really nice people.  The staff in the hospitality industry get it here...they are actually, mirabile dictu, hospitiable.  The maid service is fantastic, and they don't even know they're getting a tip yet.

Downside:  I lost my voice right after I finished all my presentations and classes.  I am doing my board member duties by sign language.

Respectfully submitted,



Green Laker said...

Florida? But that's America's wang"

-Homer J Simpson

Silbs said...

Nice digs. How come I don't see your sleeping bag anywhere??