Monday, October 13, 2008

No, I'm sorry. This is wrong. WRONG, I say.

Sometimes you just gotta ask yourself what sort of society comes up with this...this...well, merda*For the prurient readers of my blog, I apologize most sincerely.  I racked my brain and there was no other word that captured the nature of the object and the emotion it elicited.

I shudder to think what precipitated this idea.  It sounds like a consultant-developed situation; invent a problem that didn't exist then create a product to solve the problem that didn't exist in the first place.  Iraq comes to mind. we really need wee wee covers for when diapers are changed?  I dunno, I've changed more than my share of diapers (I figure a thousand is a good number to throw out there) between my own kids and my baby siblings, and I think I got showered once, and a quick flip of the front diaper flap saved me from a horrible drenching of baby pee.

Let's file this one under PTRDNTBDBDBJACSWAFROPATPO.  That is, products that really didn't need to be developed but despite better judgement and counsel, someone wasted a few reams of paper at the patent office.

If you're really curious, go here to see it for real.  There's a Yiddish version too.  No kidding.

Thinking the world is just a bit stranger than it was a few hours ago,


*  So I said merda.  It's Italian for feces, just a little more vulgar.  It fits.

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