Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mister Happy

Sometimes Nature gives you a gift. In this case, it was an eggplant we immediately christened Mr. Happy. Some genetic switch went off before its appointed time and Mr. Happy was born. We purchased Mr. Happy for the exact same price as the other eggplants, even though he contained 1% more eggplant than his siblings.

Mr. Happy was destined to become ratatouille, but first I had to have some fun.

Mr. Happy, pre-op.

Mr. Happy after a visit to the cosmetic surgeon. Stephanie thought Mr. Happy looked more sad than anything. So back to the cosmetic surgeon for another collagen treatment.

The surgeon botched the collagen treatment and Mr. Happy started looking like Tammy Faye Baker. So back under the (filet) knife we went.

This time Mr. Happy was just happy.

Then Mr. Happy got a little sassy with a little assistance from a bell pepper.

Then we ate Mr. Happy. He was tasty.

Respectfully submitted,



Green Laker said...

stop playing with your food!

nice work.

Silbs said...

Vegetables have feeling too, you know. Just ask me.