Tuesday, September 16, 2008

As seen in Denver...

As I woke up an hour earlier than normal I had t0 walk around a little bit before heading over to the meeting at the Fly Fishing Retailer trade show.

Downtown Denver is a strange combination of a vitalized downtown (the 16th Street Mall is fantastic) and some pretty slummy areas just a few blocks away. Still, even the slummy areas had some cool architecture and WPA-era public art, as well as some whimsical buildings (e.g. the Bovine Metropolis).

So I walked.  Found a bottle of wine.  Empty.

Found a telephone that is for historical purposes only.

Found a cool mural of primitive communication...smoke signals!

Found a hand-forged chain with square links.

Found a humorous bumper sticker. 

 In honor of Winnie, our beloved GSP.  We miss her, and she was smarter than many of my wife's students.  At least two.

Then there was the giant blue bear trying to claw its way into the Colorado Convention Center.

I love random.

Back home safe and sound,


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Silbs said...

I love random as well, Good eye. Most folks walk and don't see the rich fabric of details all around us. I will have to do a blog on this and use some of those pics I have sitting around (can pics sit?).