Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Orange Bluet

We had a fun evening placing pots of purple loostrife beetles in the marshes around Upper Mud Lake. The damselflies were hatching and colorless tenerals were landing on our arms, paddles, gunwales, hands, and anywhere else they could land. It was cool.

When we got back to the shop, there were Orange Bluets (Enallagma signatum) milling around on the duckweed. It was hard to get a decent picture because they're so territorial right now that if one sat down to rest, another one was there to chase him away. I did the best I can. Not entirely in focus but I had a few seconds to snap this before another O.B. chased him off.

Whitney thinks it's funny that my blog turns into an Odonatefest during the summer. Whitney can think whatever she wants, I love the odonates and will keep posting as long as they supply me with good material.

Respectfully submitted,


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