Sunday, February 10, 2008


This has never happened before on our little home weather station, but apparently the wind chill was too low to show up on the monitor, reading instead "OFL." I don't know what OFL means...maybe it's "really really cold" in Taiwanese.

Yes, it's cold, but it's also beautiful, so Ian and I took a snowshoe in the Arboretum despite the temperature, and we wanted to take some pictures. It was wicked cold and windy as I remember it being and actually being outside in it. We were dressed for it, and didnt want it to end.

I think this summer I'm going to save up and get a Snowtrekker Tent. Then we can take longer winter trips and get some time on Lake Superior or some other northwoods haunt. Winter camping without a heated tent is drudgery: you never really get fully warmed up or dried out, but with a heated's pretty swank.

Ian was a champ, even with the bitter cold, and did his famous victory pose after our adventure in the woods. Tonight we'll drink hot chocolate, watch a Poirot DVD, and work on finishing a pair of snowshoes I've been working on for a few weeks, just in time for all of it to melt...maybe. Who knows, the groundhog saw his shadow. The weirdest thing is that I was in Louisville 24 hours ago, shirtsleeves rolled up because I was too warm in the 68 degree weather. How the human body can respond to 100 degree temperature swings I do not know.


Carrie said...

You are brave. It was beautiful though. I walked Aseanti and Amon over to their aunt's house today and I couldn't get over the reflection of the sun on all that sparkly snow. I love the Midwest. There is a feeling of absolute rightness about a bitter cold February day. This is what February is supposed to feel like. Right?

Whitney said...

So I did a quick little google of OFL and was quite entertained by the top results..
OFL Off Line
OFL Office of Freight Logistics
OFL Ontario Federation of Labour
Ofl Opaque Flecks in Lens
OFL Out For Lunch
OFL Overall Foreign Loss

I'm thinking it must be the third or fourth, if not both..