Saturday, January 13, 2007

The new boats are here...

...and they be lookin' fine. A Wenonah Prism (16'6", 35 pounds in Kevlar with wood trim), and a Wenonah Argosy (14'6", maybe 45 pounds in Royalex). They're going south with me next week to start filming an instructional DVD. Astute observers will notice the ice and snow all over them. That's why we're going south -- it's 72 degrees in Birmingham, AL today.

Y'know, it's sorta fun driving around town this time of year with two boats on the car. I get weird looks, thumbs up and smiles, head shakes, and of course, the British response (do nothing to indicate anything is outside the norm, thankyouverymuchindeed). Reminds me of a friend who paddled a canoe from London to Scotland using the canal system, and while portaging through Birmingham, mid-day, in a crowded street, not one person gave him a second glance, as if shaggy-looking people waltzed down the throughfare daily with canoes on their heads.

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