Monday, January 08, 2007

Finally...some cold weather!

For the first time in my life, I am actually glad to see cold weather even if it isn't snowing. The frost makes for good picture taking, but that's about it. I just got a new camera (new to me anyway), a Nikon N90 with a nice set of lenses...a 24mm, an 80mm, and a really bomber 80-200mm 1.8 ED that looks like a small telescope. A friend is going digital (100%) and I still like the grain of Ilford Delta 400 B&W film, so I'm trading him for some paddling gear. I already have a Nikon N90s body and an 80mm macro and a 50mm. So my trusty Canon F-1 and lenses are going to school with my daughter who loves B&W too.

The recent warm spell allowed me to shoot a bit at Governor Dodge State Park, so I got my 2007 State Park sticker and went for a nice walk in the woods. It was almost 40 and no wind...I should have brought a canoe, the lake was mostly open.

A good family day...a nice break from work, which has become all-consuming lately...

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