Thursday, December 03, 2009

Putting Up The Tipi

So a few years ago Ken, then our Events Director, approached me about purchasing a tipi. He explained that it would be cool to use at events.

"Okay," said I. "How exactly would we use it?"

"Well, it would be a good attraction..."

Yeah, it's a good attraction. Tipis are lovely pieces of architecture. I love tipis. I had, many years ago, a little 12' tipi that lived in my backyard as an office of sorts. I loved the tipi. I loved building fires in it. I loved sleeping in it. We humans like round things.

After a few years thought about this, I think Ken just wanted a really cool tipi. Irrespective of the validity of that sentiment, I'm glad we bought it. We put it up at the Door County Sea Kayak Symposium. We have put it up at Canoecopia. But frankly, it has spent more time in a Rubbermaid bin than is proper.

So we decided to put it up on the back lot. Now the door is on, the liner is in (my battery died), and it looks beautiful.

For reference, an 18' tipi is a pretty big tipi. Remember the whole area of a circle thing? Given a radius of 9', we're talking about 250 square feet. Our first apartment wasn't that big, I don't think. It's a cozy, organic structure and I miss my little one.

Sadly, Spring Valley Lodges appears to be out of business. I may have to go elsewhere for my tipi needs.

Respectfully submitted,



Green Laker said...

I think you need a fine wigwam to complement your beautiful tipi

Silbs said...

That tipi has become a landmark at DKSKS. Call it the EYE-full tower.

Contagion said...

Spring Valley Lodges didn't go out of business, it changed ownership. The new owner is working on getting the website back up, but he is having some difficulties because the old domain was bought by someone else. They can be contacted at

canoelover said...

That is GREAT news. Yeah, a squatter bought their domain. Frickin' parasites...

I'm lusting after a 16 footer for my backyard. Right now I'll just use the one at work.