Friday, November 27, 2009

The Wisdom of Youth

It's the day after the day of giving thanks, and I slept in, went to the gym with my daughter and burned a few hundred calories, thereby reducing my deficit but not eliminating it. But it was good, since the bikes have TV so I got to watch Bully Beatdown on MTV2. Since I don't have TV at home, it's a guilty pleasure.

But it's cold and bright and sunny, and we're going to cut a tree today. I highly recommend Cedar Creek Farm, an organic (!) tree farm. No herbicides, and Bruce and Lisa are sweet people.

Once that's done, I am going to migrate to the garage for some metal work.

A few weeks ago I had visitors. Misa and John-Pio, offspring of my friend / brotha from anotha motha Brad. The kids are both a very nice combination of smart and sweet-natured, and Misa nailed it from the second she saw a glowing red chunk of A36 steel heated up to 1500 degrees F.

"It looks like a Lava Glo-Stick."

And so it does, Misa.

Today I think I'll make some more lava glow sticks. I have an idea I want to try -- braiding six strands of 1/4" round stock. If it works I'll be a genius. If it doesn't work, I'll have a few pounds of scrap.

Respectfully submitted,


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