Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Samhain!

It is a wonderful thing to wake up next to your best friend, even if her hair looks like Medusa. Half a can of hairspray can make big hair very scary, especially if you go to bed late. When Wife 1.1 lay down on the bed, her hair crinkled. It sounded like cellophane, which made us laugh, since there are people who actually do this on purpose.

But last night...I was married to Supergirl. Actually, Wife 1.1 prefers Superwoman, as Supergirl, to quote Wife 1.1, "implies a certain lack of experience." I did not ask.

I am not really a Halloween guy. I also think people who spell Halloween Hallowe'en are halloweenies.

Digging my Celtic roots,



Silbs said...

Keep the kryptonite handy.

Kristine said...

Supergirl "implies a certain lack of experience"

I love that! Too funny

Steverino said...

OK, that might be Wife 1.1, but it looks like she upgraded to Service Pack 3.

Solomon Family said...

that is awsome!! love the outfit... I can't get into the costume thing, but thought that was because I was an African:-)