Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things that happened today at Outdoor Retailer.

1. Saw some cool new boats. In case you missed it, they are new, as indicated by the sign.

2. Hung out with an incredibly classy woman (and wonderful sales rep) MK.

3. Hung out with Team Stonewear. Tonya (far right) is a gem. Glad I got to see her.

4. Had a really good dinner with the Team Yakima (l. to r.) Ross, Pat, John, Megan, Sasha, Bill, Emily, (me), and Ron.

Today was fun. But lest you think all I do is hang out with really nice people, I also had nine appointments with vendors, participated in a paddlesports roundtable/brawl about trade show timing, worked with a judging panel to select some paddlesports award winners, and had a meeting with another OIA board member. Who were all really nice people.



ktoy said...

MK? Classy? were being facetious!!!! scared me a bit...

mk said...

Hey. HEY!!!!!