Thursday, July 02, 2009

A River Runs Through It

"Hi, uh, my name's Darren, and I'm, well...remodeling a bathroom. There. I've said it. Might as well get it out into the open, eh?"

"Hello, Darren."

I hate remodeling. The thing I'm best at is writing checks to the various subcontractors. I've scrupulously avoided doing anything on this project. This action is sanctioned by Wife 1.0, due to the Great Table Saw Incident of 2004.

Don't ask.

The fun part in being the General Contractor is that you can hire different friends who can do amazing things if you give them the leeway. One such friend is Brian, a carpenter/remodeler, who happens to pour concrete countertops. I happen to need such a beast.

To make things interesting, I decided to inlay some cool stones into the countertop. Since the thing is cast upsde down, I was able to stick some pieces of polished slabs onto the surface of the counter that when polished will look pretty amazing.

So I made a river of stones: agates, jaspers, bloodstone, greenstone, a little tiger eye, and a fair number of slices of geode. I was able to procure 12 pounds of such slab fragments at the local rock shop, dumped unceremoniously into a bucket, for $30.00. Enough to make four or five tops of this size.

Anyway, 'sgonna be cool. News in a week after it's done curing.

Respectfully submitted,



Rosie said...

this is SOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOLL! It's home improvement AND art!

Kristine said...

That is a very cool idea. It is always so inspiring to see what other people do to make their homes unique. I'm a huge lover of polished colored stones, so I may have to steal your idea for myself.