Saturday, May 30, 2009

Teaching + Learning = Leaching?

Spent a good chunk of today helping Sam Crowley teach a group of perspective instructors.  Sam's an ACA Instructor Trainer (IT) who certifies instructors who learn the skills to model and teach proper technique.  More importantly he's a good friend and a very considerate houseguest.  Sam always brings flowers to my wife when he says with us.  Very smart man, Sam is.

It's not a yard sale.  Really.

Sam asked me to teach one of the stroke sections.  So I did, and it was fine.   I asked for feedback and I got a really good piece of information.  Basically, I talk too much.  The analytical students were sucking it all up.  The others were looking at their watches and wondering when I was going to shut up.

So the best thing I learned today was that the less you talk, the more people learn, and if you can give specifics after the students model the behavior, they'll probably solve a lot of problems on their own.

So while I taught, I was really learning.  I think that most people divide the world into "learning time" and "teaching time." I got to experience the pleasure of teaching and the humility that comes from being taught by someone with a real talent for tailoring content to the type of learners.  Something I need to consider in the future.

When Sam modeled techniques the students were riveted.  They were all like sponges, and it was a pleasure to be around so many positive and enthusiastic people.

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Silbs said...

Please share your rock star analogy for teaching the head dink.

canoelover said...

You want Ray Charles, not Stevie Wonder. :-)

Boy Crazy said...

i know john's enjoying his course! can't wait for him to be able to teach me and the boys! :) Thanks for giving him the opportunity, Darren.

IowaAdmin said...