Friday, May 22, 2009

More Product Development and Testing

Took a short (2 hour) paddle this morning on the Sugar River.  Bill Kueper, VP from Wenonah Canoe, was down for an overnight visit.  We solved all the world's problems.  But since the world won't listen to us, we settled for tweaking boat mixes for a few hours.  Bill hadn't used a traditional paddle much (he's more of a carbon-fiber dude) so he was spending a lot of time experimenting with it.

You can totally tell he's a scientist (Dr. Kueper was a 3M chemist before he came to work in the outdoor industry).  Bill is wicked smart, but unlike some wicked smart people he's not arrogant and extremely interested in what works.  Not what is right, not what is true, but what works.

I agree with Bill.  When it comes to Sporting Goods, let's reserve the ideas of Right and Truth for the theologists.  When it comes to canoes, there are no Rights and Truths, just acceptable compromises.

Jon accompanied us in his Argosy.  Sweet.

Today is one of those days where my entire life is a tax deduction.

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