Monday, May 11, 2009

The Dump

So I just hauled over 1,000 pounds of bathroom remodel debris to the County Landfill ('dump' is so 1970s).  It smelled like a dump.  Usually does.

The one thing that made it cool ... a truck pulled in next to me with a grandfather, the bed full of old crappy furniture. In the passenger seat was a tow-headed kid, about four years old, wearing a huge grin and waving to me.

Clearly, this kid was in four year-old heaven, with two huge front end loaders driving over the garbage and scooping it up and moving it around.  He seemed especially fascinated with the loader with the big spikey wheels...crunching a dresser like it was made of balsa wood and leaving nothing but splinters.

The moral of the story?  Take a kid to the dump.  It'll make their day.

  Smelly but happy,


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Silbs said...

For a second, I read that to mean that the truck was there to get rid of the grandfather. Thanks for the happy ending.