Friday, April 24, 2009

Surreal Phone Call of the Day

Voice:  "May I speak to Mr.  [Canoelover] please?"

Me:  "Speaking."

Voice.  "Mr. Canoelover, my name is [Capitalist Dude], calling from [Capitalist Acquisition Group] of [Giant Capitalist Company."

Me:  "That's nice."

Voice:  [pause].  "Er, we have been retained by an interested party who would like to pursue the goal of acquiring your business, [My Business]."

Me:  "I hope you're not on commission.  I'm not interested in selling my business at this time."

Voice:  "Would you entertain at least a preliminary meeting to..."

Me:  "Look, I love my life.  I love my business.  Why would I sell it?  Then I'd become one of those people who sell their businesses and go nuts while their noncompete expires."

Voice:  "So you are not interested in selling your business at this time, am I correct?"

Me:  "Dude, you are spot-on.  Call me in seven years or so."

Voice:  "Okay, Mr. Canoelover, I'll convey that to my client."

Me:  "I'd appreciate that."

  Okay.  Weird.



Jesse said...

Oh, and here I was thinking I was going to acquire a new paddlesport retailer today...

Silbs said...

Really, Jesse. Our guys were sending out the same feelers. We need to group together. Every man has his price :)