Monday, April 20, 2009

Canoelover's Laws of Electronic Communication

So today I got an email from a sales rep.  That is normal.

What isn't normal is that he wanted to send it to his boss, and he said some things about us that were none too friendly.

How did happen?  Well, instead of FORWARD, he hit REPLY.  Easy mistake, since one word starts with an F and has seven letters and the other starts with an R and has five.  I mean, they're only a few hundred pages from each other in the dictionary.  Could happen to anyone.

So the Canoelover's First Law of Electronic Communication:
"If you wouldn't say it to the person, don't write it in an email."
Canoelover's Second Law of Electronic Communication:
 "The odds of the message being redirected to the person you are talking about are positively and exponentially correlated to the volatility of the content."
Which leads directly to Canoelover's Third Law of Electronic Communication:
"Everyone will eventually have the opportunity to read everything ever written."
Some may dispute Canoelover's Third Law.  It may be overstating it, but it is probably better to assume that someday, someone will have access to everything ever written, including these words.  All I know is that in my experience, I have never regretted keeping something in my head that could have easily been blogged, emailed, or otherwise shouted from the interweb's rooftops.

Sadly, I have emailed things I later regretted.  Not that anyone found them and used them against me, but because I failed to follow my own First Law.  The laws and rules I establish are for me first, and if anyone wants to join in for some reason, fine and dandy.

In this case, said rep is now eating a nice plate of pan-seared corvid.  Problem is, he did this before.  Yes, we have a hat-trick, ladies and gentlemen.  So any apology will ring hollow and only further expose hypocrisy.

Let's be careful out there.



Silbs said...

Been there, done that...sadly

Green Laker said...

how about that sinking feeling when you realize you sent your electric mail to the wrong person - just after hitting SEND. ouch!

Erin Lang Norris said...

Oh, ouch. So he's probably laying in bed right now wishing he hadn't done that.

mk said...

A hat trick is technically three times, but whatever.

Been there, done that. I cannot judge. I just hope said rep is owning his own shit right now.

Let's put him in a dry suit with neck gaskets that are too tight.

canoelover said...

Oops. Hat trick. I didn't mean that. I meant bifecta. :-)

Brad Werntz said...


I feel everybody's pain. BDDT.