Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring has Sprung...

...and I have proof.

Giant Snowdrop (Galanthus elwesii).  48 hours old.

Hairy woodpeckers (Pictoides villosus).  Loud ones.

This is one reason they're loud.

And of course, Red-Winged Blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus).

Don't feel like writing much, and frankly there's not much to be added.  I should have stopped with the snowdrop and left it at that.  So much for self-restraint.

Vernally equinoxed,



Rosie said...

A Snowdrop??!! You are KIDDING. We have snowdrops here too... but of quite a different kind... :)

As usual, looking forward to your spring rants this year!

canoelover said...

Snowdrops. And crocuses now. We are downright tropical.