Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just another day at the office...

I believe that the best way to keep an office efficient is to keep people as uncomfortable as humanly possible.  That's why four days a week, we're all dressed in our finest Hickey Freeman suits with Gucci loafers.  Nylons and heels for women, just to make them even more uncomfortable.  Because discomfort brings productivity.  And happiness.  And loyalty from your workforce.  Ask any goose-stepping third-world commandant.

Bodie, The Chairman of the Boards

However, we like to change it up a little.  Like on "Dress Like A Paddler Who Just Woke Up" Tuesdays, when we have our staff meetings.  Tuesdays are also, coincidentally, "Bring Your Toddler To Work" day, so Tuesdays are pretty relaxed.  Wednesdays, it's back to the formal office wear you would expect in a corporate environment like ours.

It bears mentioning that Monday is "Bring Your Cute Puppy To Work" Day.  Lisa, however, was given a written warning for not following our office dress policy as written in the Handbook of Unreasonable and Arbitrary Expectations.  Her lack of discomfort created a serious productivity drain that was only partially offset by working one-handed with a puppy.

Sarcastically submitted,



Silbs said...

Oh the humanity. What next, forcing them to wear shoes and socks?

Jake said...

I think the best part is Jeff's hair. I particularly enjoyed this because yesterday I worked in my pajama's until about 2pm. :) And got a lot done!