Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This sorta freaked me out...

This was an ad in a trade rag called Retail Traffic, mostly about the business of retail real estate, REITs, etc. Chloroform in print, mostly.

But this ad caught my eye. And froze my heart. And congealed my liver, spleen, and other viscera.

'Nuf said.



Brad Werntz said...

Absolutely brilliant.

Jeff Bach said...

It is hard to imagine Rutabaga in an old Walmart....However, this "recycling" can work sometimes.
Wisconsin Rapids, my parents hometown, had a first generation Walmart in the heart of its little downtown. As is Walmart's style they decided to move out to the suburbs, leaving behind a ghost shell of their old building.
The city bought the old Walmart and filled it with a senior care center and a number of businesses related to Rapids burgeoning elderly population. In this case, Walmart's old baggage has turned out to be very useful for its next occupants and is serving the community very well.

Ian said...

I. Have. No. Words.