Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I am really going...really.

In three days I will be walking around inside this cloister.  Really.  In tre giorno mi trovero' camminando dentro questo chiostro benedettino.

It doesn't seem real.  A me non sembra mica reale.

I haven't been to Sicily for 27 years.  I both hope and fear it hasn't changed too much.  Io non sono stato in Sicilia per piu' di 27 anni.  Io spero allo stesso tempo ho paura che non si e' cambiata.

The last time I was in Sicily I was an arrogant little jerk.  La scorsa volta che io mesi piedi in Sicilia, fui un cretino arrogante.  That said, I grew to love these people like family.  Nonostante, io imparai amare questa gente come propria famiglia.

So there you are.

I'll try to find an internet cafe and post updates, at least.

Con affetto,



Silbs said...

How exciting. It will be interesting to compare your first experience (as a little arrogant jerk) to this one. Now you're big :) Safe travels.

Mark Ritz said...

Charlie and I would love to go (her familia is from there). I'd love to hear all about it at the show!

Travel safe, my friend!

wsb said...

Hmmm... shouldn't you be using the subjunctive in the third paragraph? Si sia cambiata?

Have fun, don't do anything too embarrassing.