Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meet Ramon and Dorian

Rutabaga supports several charitable organizations, and one of our favorites is Big City Mountaineers (BCM), a national organization that gets inner city kids out in nature. A lot of these kids have had difficult lives, and had never been anywhere outside their neighborhoods, let alone the Boundary Waters. Here are a few pictures and their own stories.

I went on one of the BCM trips last year and I loved it. The reason I liked it so much was because I got to experience how some people used to live before there were buildings and houses. I also got to go with friends and my mentor, Gary. We all had to work together when we canoed and even simple stuff like putting up and taking down the tents built more trust in each other.

My experience was very good. Not all kids get to go on trips like this and enjoy nature and beauty. I have never seen so many wild animals. I enjoyed walking the portages, because we got to see the woods and animals. I have never seen so many eagles in one day in my life.

The reason the trip was so much fun was also because of our leaders. One leader's name was Jeff; he always made us laugh and just did what he had to do to make the trip fun. I hope to have him again and can't wait to go again this year. Thank you BCM for making my summer complete.


Ramon Arroyo

Hello BCM,

My name is Dorian Curtis. I attended the BCM boundary waters canoe trip last summer. It was my second trip and I was chosen to be a youth peer leader role model to the younger youth. I really grew by having the title and experience of being a peer leader. Being a peer leader made me more responsible for making sure the tents get up, the food get put away in its proper place and everything stays dry. Being out on the water all day made us think about getting back to shore to eat and sleep.

It was a great chance to get away from my harsh environment and meet people like Jeff, Ian, and Robb. They taught me how to cope with the outdoors and how to canoe the proper way. Being out in the wilderness is so beautiful and peaceful. I'm really looking forward to going again in July. I think everyone should experience the BCM trip at least once in their life time.

Thank you BCM,

Dorian Curtis

Both Dorian and Ramon will be at Canoecopia to help us out and talk with folks about their experiences, so stop by the BCM booth and see what Big City Mountaineers has done for them...and hopefully, what you can do for Big City Mountaineers.

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