Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Working at the coffee shop this morning...

...and a lovely (18 degrees) morning it is.

Stay warm,


P.S.  Speaking of 18 degrees, Chris moved to California.  If he ever visits here again, he will be like one of those astronauts who spends too much time in zero g.  His body will not know how to handle anything below 65.  California, I believe, has a tendency to breed a weaker strain of plant.


Green Laker said...

did you see this morning's post?

61 degrees and sunny.

canoelover said...

Yes, I saw it.

As I said, weaker strain of plant.

But thanks for all the cool weather jerseys. :-)


Mark Ritz said...

It all depends on where in California one resides. You are probably right about SoCal; it's a desert in more ways than one. But way up north here in Humboldt County, almost everyone has a generator and wood stove for backup when (not if) the power goes out during winter storms. Although it doesn't get below freezing very often, the high humidity here makes it seem almost balmy when I visit Madison in March each year.