Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Last odonate of the year...

So today I'm sitting at a picnic table with a media rep, and guess what lands on my note pad?

Yep. A lone S. rubicundulum.  November 4th, people!  WAY too late.

So unless we get another week of super warm weather, this is the last time you need to endure another one of my boring odonate blog entries.


Voted today.  Number 362 in my precinct, and I think we were up to 1879 when Stephanie voted after school.  We'll see 90% in our precinct at this rate.


Back to odonates...the rep I was visiting was a little taken aback by my sudden interruption and exclamation that there was a Sympetrum rubicundulum on the table.  She was indulgent.  At least she didn't shriek in horror at our harmless little friend.


Stephanie just looked over my shoulder and asked, "Are you odonating?"

I lied.

Respectfully submitted,



Silbs said...

Big deal, nothing out of the ordinate there.

canoelover said...


mk said...

Anyone wanna place a bet on when the next odonate post will happen this spring?

wsb said...

I'm sure one will come along in February and bring tears to canoelovers eyes as he ponders the symbolism in the hope of this little winged creature bearing the weight of the winter on his four little wings.

canoelover said...

That shouldn't even be dignified with a response.

But I'll respond anyway.

You're a Calopteryx immaculata. It means you have pretty wings and are Catholic.

So there.

I hope Rosie reads this, she might be the only person on earth who thinks it's funny.

Rosie said...

Just read it and DIED. Ode jokes AND valence electrons in one night?!!! I think I DID DIE and am now in science heaven!

wsb said...

oh rosie. i love you.