Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bug mystery

My neighbor Jackie came over a few days ago with a medicine bottle.  She told me she found this little bug walking on her arm.  I took pictures but it was moving fast and I didn't have enough light for a good field-of-view.

I have a lot of respect for Jackie because she is senior citizen who does not automatically kill bugs just because it's in her house.  A lot of folks in her generation squish first, ask questions later.  Jackie is a good Buddhist, she just doesn't know it, and neither does her Lutheran minister.

So I looked on and struck out.  Anyone a closet entomoligist?

Respectfully submitted,



Melissa said...

Sort of looks like a bitty walking stick. Cute little bugger!

emily said...

Have you ever tried (briefly) refrigerating speedy little critters to slow 'em down a bit? All it takes is a little finesse. And a jar. And a cold place.
-M.o.E.- (Mother of Emily)