Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brown is beautiful.

Driving back from the hunt for the wiley Fraser fir (we were successful), we took back roads rather than the four-lane because when we have a choice, we always take back roads. As we came around a corner and up a little rise in western Dane County, I saw this little valley and had to stop and shoot a quick one.

This time of year the greenery is limited to the Christmas tree farms (like our favorite, Cedar Creek Farm). Everything else is brown. But there are infinite shades of brown. From the lightest tan of the remaining grasses or cornstalks to the almost black topsoil, I like brown. It's like the earth is just bedding down, waiting for the comforter of snow that'll come any day now.

Respectfully submitted,



Bruce said...

Wow! What a great observation about "brown". I see the same thing from my window this morning and it's beautiful. And that "comforter" of snow is on the way.

Thanks for coming out and hunting your tree!

Bruce (Cedar Creek Farm)

Carrie said...

Having Isaac has made me awfully homesick for Madison and this picture makes me miss it even more. I love Dane county. I miss you guys a lot too.