Sunday, October 26, 2008

Instead of television...

...why not watch the Log Channel?

It was bloody cold tonight, and we lit the first fire in the fireplace, so tonight we're watching the Log Channel.  It's Oak Week, and we'll be watching all the ways that fire and oak interact.  Hickory Week is awesome.  That's later this season.  We'll also have a special Black Walnut Weekend due to the tree that fell at the shop.  Too checked for anything else, we'll burn it.

This is the last little taste of fall...the leaves are being ripped from the trees with the violent gale that's blowing through here tonight.  Southwest winds are usually indicative of a fairly large low pressure area, and this is no exception.

A careful examination of branches will show a leaf scar, where the leaf was attached to the twig.  There will be another posting on this as I find it fascinating.  Did you know the hickory leaf leaves a three-lobed leaf scar?  Now you do.

Winter, I fear, is just around the corner.

Winter, I hope, is just around the corner.

Respectfully if somewhat frigidly submitted,


Green Laker said...

Ahh, caveman TV. I'd love to get our fireplace going, but it's a lame gas unit. And it's kinda pointless when the outdoor temp is 62 degrees.

canoelover said...

Yet one more reason California is inferior. We had a rip-roarin' gale today, huge waves and whitecaps on Mendota. Good surfin' weather. :-)

Doubledrumlin said...

I'm looking forward to watching Caveman TV on the Log Channel. We've got a shuffle-play lined up for the next 5 months of the "Red Oak Wilt" Drama series, "Wild Cherry and the Lightning Strikes" entertainment special and, of course, "CSI: Dutch Elm Desease". While we have been watching intermittently in the evenings for the last week or two, this morning was the first time we turned in on early in the day.