Monday, September 29, 2008

This is Mary.

Mary is the Minister of Finance at our fine emporium.  Accountant doesn't do her justice.  She's a master of spreadsheets and numbers, but more than that, she speaks English.  She can explain financial things to non-financial brains, and she's able to ferret out the stickiest problems when they appear.

She has been recently been asked to return part-time to her old job as her former bosses made a mess of the whole thing in her absence.  She couldn't be replaced by two people, and even now she's going up north three days a week to help them keep the wheels on the bus.

More than all this, she's become my friend.

It is due to Mary that I am able to sleep at night.  It is my wish that every small business owner has his or her own Mary.  But not mine.



mk said...

You forgot to mention that Mary has THE COOLEST last name. Ever. In the universe.

Rosie said...

even when spelled backwards, if I recall correctly.

Silbs said...

I knew there was some one over there with brains who was running the place :)

canoelover said...

Silbs, you don't know the half of it.