Thursday, September 25, 2008

I like spiders too!

Got a new book today.

I had this gift card that had $13.21 left on it, so I bought a book.  Another book on crawlies.Turns out the cover spider is our friend, the Tan Jumping Spider.  Cool, huh?

The other cool thing is that there is exactly one person shown in Spiders of the North Woods.  She is on page 26.

Yep.  Her modeling career sorta started and stopped in these little guide books.  Still, I was impressed that my own little sister, Megan, is a model in a spider field guide.

Sorry it's blurry, Megan.  You still look amazingly outdoorsy and stuff.

Respectfully submitted,


P.S.  Saw another meadowhawk today. Sympetrum of some sort. Could be a mutant Saffron-Winged Meadowhawk.  Dunno, they're tricky.  Pretty, though.


mk said...

I have no words.

Simply laughter and head shaking.

canoelover said...

Your hot modeling career hasn't extended to birding books? You could clean up!

Silbs said...

What next? SPIDER: the movie (featuring your sis of course)

Rosie said...

CW: this is the same series as the Ode books i was telling you about: Dragonflies of the North Woods by Kurt Mead, and same forDamselflies by Bob Dubois. You will be glad you did.

PS. looking good, meg. are you about 13 in that pic? :)

Brad Werntz said...

I'm speechless. Utterly speechless.

canoelover said...

Rosie, I got 'em already. I looked through all of them trying to find a picture of Megan or someone else I knew. No such luck.

mk said...

Ok. Ok. So it was like--- 6 years ago, I was in my 20's and completely unprepared for a photo opp to be in a book. In fact, at the time, I did not know that that pic was going to be published in a book.

But hey be-otches, I'm happy to sign your copies. Line up. Not need to shove, I'll get to everybody.

mk said...

Besides, isn't this a lot better than being surprised by discovering pictures of me on less than desirable channels often found on the internet?

canoelover said...
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