Friday, August 29, 2008

Shot a wedding for a friend...

...and as usual the kids were the main attraction (after the bride, natch). Drew (the one on the left in the disheveled mock tuxedo) is the groom's kid, and a sweet kid at that. He just barely held it all together for the ceremony, after which he high-tailed it for the lake to throw rocks, but not before the gun show as shown above.

Weddings are happy occasions, but especially so when the bride and groom have found each other after both their first spouses went off the deep end. But this marriage...I think it's gonna be a good one.

These are sweet people who deserve all the happiness they can make, and make it they will. Their two little kids are friends already and it looks like their little family is going to blossom.

So this is my wedding toast to Rob and Nicole:

"May your ex-spouses meet line-dancing in a country-western bar, drink too much tequila, fly to Vegas and marry at a ceremony officiated over by an Elvis impersonator, and immediately after move into a trailer park in Rockford, Illinois."

It would be a karmic justice if it were to happen, believe you me.

Feeling like the world is a better place tonight,


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