Friday, August 01, 2008

My son has the best poor taste in movies...

So Ian comes home from the library with a stack of DVDs, mostly classics and such, but in the pile was Alien vs. Predator.

Synopsis: it totally sucked.

Best part: The film is rated PG-13 for (and I quote) "violence, language, horror images, slime and gore."

Slime and Gore? Okay, gore may be tough on the sensitive constitutions of the under 13 crowd. But slime? This is a generation weaned on Nickelodeon's Gak, Floam, Smud, Goooze, Sqweeze, and a host of other synthetic goos that are certainly more horrifying than anything an Alien could ooze. I can see a 12 year-old cowering in the corner screaming "Mommy, it's making slime..."

I have never been more proud of my son. To be able to suspend his intellect, good taste and breeding for one hour and 40 minutes and wallow in the stupidity that is AVP is a gift.

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