Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Labels for truly stupid people.

It isn't a visit to Mom's without repairing something. One of her toilets crapped out (heh--get it?) and I found a real live Ace Hardware store in Pleasant Grove and got the parts. One of the parts I needed was this connecting hose.

The thing that threw me for a loop was this label attached to the top threaded cap.

I know quite a few plumbers. Most of them are smarter than I am. So the questions I have are:

1) Do they only put these labels on plumbing supplies from hardware stores, assuming we're dumb?

2) Is there a secret stash of smart person plumbing supplies that don't have such idiotic labels?

3) Has anyone ever tried to install this connector without removing the label, then returned it to the store claiming it didn't work properly?

4) If so, how did the sales clerk resist removing this person permanently from the genetic pool?



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