Monday, August 25, 2008

Hey baby, I'm a Pachydiplax. Wanna see my longipennis?

No, really. The Pachydiplax longipennis is the Blue Dasher. Cute little dude, on his last legs (literally) out behind the shop today. At first he was driving me nuts, his head is emerald green and looks a lot like an Emerald (Corduliiae) but definitely a Skimmer (Libellulidae). Plus he wasn't Blue. Well...turns out the females are not blue. He is a she. And females have green to brown eyes.

Learn somethin' new every day.


P.S. Longipennis means long wings. Pachy means wrinkly, diplax means cape. So I guess this dragonfly is a "long-winged wrinkly caped" thingy.

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