Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Elusive Elegant Spreadwing

There has been an Elegant Spreadwing Damselfly (Lestes inaequalis) hiding out in my backyard for a few days. I have been able to get a decent picture. So I settled for a lousy one. You can see the wings. That's about it. I'll keep stalking my prey to see if I can get a good one.

Spreadwings are lovely creatures, and are a little more rare than pond damsels...not that they're endangered or anything, they are just a lot fewer species of them, just ten in Wisconsin, compared to 32 pond damsels. The broadwings like the Ebony Jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata) and the American Rubyspot (Hetaerina americana) are fairly common, and since they're large they're easy to spot they seem to be sometimes omnipresent. Spreadwings tend to be slimmer and blend in a little better so you seem them less. At least I do...

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P.S. Some of you are wondering if I ever post anything on canoes and canoeing. I got some good stuff coming, I promise.

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Daniel Spurgeon said...

Please post the photo when you get a good picture of the Elegant Spreadwing. I have seen the Ebony Jewelwing and the American Rubyspot recently and got a photo of each- so I am kind of interested to see what the Elegant Spreadwing looks like. Thanks for adding to the nature knowledge out here on the web!