Saturday, August 09, 2008

Day Two

  • The Farmer's Market on the way to the Salt Palace.
  • Cool new gear from a bunch of manufacturers.
  • Finding small entrepreneurial companies filling niches no one thought possible to do.
  • The Legacy Paddlesports Party where I got to play the mandolin with Mike Hooks.
  • The Legacy Paddlesports Party where I got to see Andy take an Ultimate 9.5 down a pool slide.
  • Getting random text messages from MK.
  • The early morning Red Bull I swiped from Riot. Disgusting but necessary after five hours of sleep.
  • Unquestionably bad product from select vendors. On which planet did they do their market research? I know that assumes a they actually did research.
  • Not eating lunch.
  • Listening to insufferable buyers from other shops who kept saying "Y'know, this boat would be a lot better if you just..." I had to run screaming...

Someone made a comment about something I didn't understand: Raves.

Me: "Vicks Vapo-Rub and Ecstacy? I don't get it..."
Roger: "Yeah, Ravers rub it all over their bodies during a rave."
Me: "Wow. Sounds painful."

[pregnant pause]

Anonymous Voice from the Backseat: "It sounds worse than it really is."

Just another day at the office,


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