Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another cool restaurant find...

L. to R.: Ian, Mango Man, Canoelover

DM and I had our monthlly lunch date, this time taking along the progeny. Ian is pretty open to new food, but I thought this might challenge his taste buds a little. I was wrong.

Cafe Costa Rica is a literal hole-in-the-wall in the basement of the Madison Hostel. I had not heard of it, but David works around the corner from CCR and had to show us. We were not disappointed.

Vicka and Crystal were excellent waitstaff...cute but not cloying, friendly but not overly-so. They appeared to love their job, and Mango Man was appreciative. "They good kids," he said, in his lilting, hint-of-Creole speech. "They work hard. That harder to find these days."

The food was excellent. A little spendy for lunch, but for a buck more than a Culver's butterburger basket, it was totally worth it. Besides, paying a little more to support a family business is always good karma and keeps the community alive and vibrant.

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