Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Walking with my sweetie

The best thing about camping in a rural, lightly populated area is the ability to walk around holding hands. Down the middle of a road. For miles, with no sign of an automobile.

P.S. It is not an optical illusion caused by the camera angle or lens. My ankles are really that skinny. Which is why my daughter calls me Chicken Legs.


wsb said...

bahaha, chicken legs.
But don't worry I did see someone with skinnier ankles. Oh wait, that was a dream, impossible dream.

mk said...

It's better than Cankles. Way better than cankles.

Mark Ritz said...

Beautiful sentiment and shot. Who took the picture, a local squirrel?

canoelover said...

No. It was a grass snake. He pushed the shutter with his little snout.